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Soldier of people daring to challenge the inabilities of a corrupt,ineffective and dull government. Challenging status quo and fighting on the streets for the interest of my people is my full time job. And in my freetime I dream of a motherland where every youth's dreams will be full filled irrespective of their caste, creed , gender and religious beliefs.

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When media got a glimpse of Shri Arun Patnaik, grandson of Shri Biju Patnaik in an event at Cuttack, they made the most of the few seconds of footage that they could get by running the images in cycle on almost all local channels. It was almost like seeing a Vine gif of him saying “Not at the moment.”. Though I didn’t hear the question he was asked but I was told he was being asked if he is about to play a role in the business of BJD. Yes business here does not mean their real business of minerals and chit fund, but their side business that is politics. His short four word response may have been naive or may have been a very calculated move by the strategic coterie of Naveen Patnaik. But whatever that was, it was enough to get hours of footage attending to him and several square inches of newsprint took up the issue the next morning. The last time we had heard of him was during the general election 2014 when there was a word that Arun Patnaik is going to replace Shri Baijayant Panda as BJD’s candidate for Kendrapada parliamentary constituency. Which was not to happen subsequently. There was no specific opinion about Arun Patnaik’s innings in BJD from the press fraternity it had the whole variety of guesses and speculations some saying he is supposed to enter in 2 years from now to not entering at all. I don’t know what is Naveen Patnaik’s plan with respect to Arun Patnaik’s entry to BJD. But there are three things which are very clear and I am sure will happen. First whenever he joins BJD he will be the supremo of the party a.l.a Naveen Patna, second he is going to be the BJD’s chief minister candidate in 2019 assembly elections which BJD will fight in alliance with BJP in Odisha and third Shri Baijayant Panda and Shri Pinaki Mishra will be the kingmakers inside BJD after 2019 elections. The first and second prediction are easy and inline with the popular view. Now let me explain why the third is ought to happen. By the time we face 2019 elections Naveen Patnaik would have lost his marketable image tainted by Chit Fund, Mining, Discretionary Quota and Coal Scam. Along with that young voters get impatient over his inaction and mis directed policies especially related to employment generation. In the past growing unemployment has helped Naveen Patnaik in his pursuit of power basically due to the financial largesse that he has been providing laser targeted to people who have shown allegiance to the green conch. But psychologists have proved it that people get used to things after the nouveau excitement wanes off. Free rice , free house, a contract to do 10meters of village road will not have the magnetism that they are having now. They would search for substance in the programs. When someone rules for 20 years less and less people will compare their life 20 yrs ago to the day, but rather compare the nett delta in the quality of life improvement in last 5 years. Naveen Patnaik has never has had to do any real policy decisions in trying times and neither does he have any ministerial colleague who does have that experience , hence with revenues drying from mining and other sectors due to nett loss of trust in the Naveen regime affecting business environment in Odisha with the needle not moving on large projects like POSCO and PCPL SEZ. In the next 4 years Naveen Patnaik will present budgets which will be mile wide and inch deep, it may work as a placebo to people of Odisha for a year or so but eventually is gonna come back and burst in Naveen Patnaik’s face. When you have some substance then you add a lot of propaganda it may work, but no substance and just propaganda won’t work. So bottomline come 2019 Naveen Patnaik will be at the bottom of his popularity, so much so that it may be hard for him to conduct public meetings in western and southern odisha. What will Naveen Patnaik do when he is faced with anti-incumbency, loss of popularity and some loss of health also, he needs a face that is somewhat presentable and hope pulls some crowd. Simple in comes the scion who would see the same dreams as his grandfather who he probably never met. Arun Patnaik will be the face of BJD and go to the polls. With that change, there will be a change in a coterie and three people with long term vision to wrest power will be the new coterie. The ghee extracting huge minister will suddenly seem like a smartass PhD in politics when his prediction comes true and he conveniently shifts his licks from one a$$ to another. And the real deal will come to Shri Baijayant Panda and Shri Pinaki Mishra who are often seen as adversaries inside BJD. While the so called leaders (read servants) of Naveen Patnaik are fighting the fire here in the state for a expiring comatose leader in Naveen Patnaik, while smart and far sighted Mr Panda and Mr Mishra are getting close to the future of Biju Legacy (ignoring his role in India’s defeat in 1962 Sino-Indian war by selling of german winter gear in sarojini nagar market which was meant to be dropped for Indian Army soldiers on China front) in New Delhi. Arun Patnaik will not only change the pith of BJD. But will pose a formidable challenge for us as a opposition in comparison to a tainted scamster that is Naveen Patnaik. BJD saving Arun Patnaik till 2019 elections may prove to be a master stroke because no data is always better than bad data. Having no information about him, his ideas and ideologies we will be left with no groove to run a campaign against him, and hence will have to fall back to pick on personality trivialities which we have been trying since long with Naveen Patnaik and dont have a good record to show. So, its about time we take good notice of this Biju scion as our opponent and study him to act when he is here. From the little i could dig up from Linkedin about him. He seems to be a arts graduate from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, United States. Is the CEO of a firm called AquaAgri Processing Private Limited and is director of five companies along with his dad Prem Patnaik viz. HHS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, CANTON SPICE COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED, HARYANA COATED PAPERS LIMITED, JAMUNA ENTERPRISES PVT LTD & HEALTH AND HOME SHOPPING INDIA Private Limited. This is not sufficient the more we know the better.