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Soldier of people daring to challenge the inabilities of a corrupt,ineffective and dull government. Challenging status quo and fighting on the streets for the interest of my people is my full time job. And in my freetime I dream of a motherland where every youth's dreams will be full filled irrespective of their caste, creed , gender and religious beliefs.

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India that we perceive and the India that really exists are two different things. Though we see rapid changes around us materialize. And thats the reason what educated middle class thinks as watershed moments in political history of India , India in entirety doesn’t see that. And people like us who keep any interest in serving people through politics should not only learn that but understand the dynamics of it but we often donot. The recent elections that have passed in various states of India and the panchayat elections are a proof of that. I don’t know what poll pundits think to be the reason of BJPs better performance in Odisha Panchayat Polls. Some say congress couldn’t do well so BJP did, there are others who say there is anti incumbency against Naveen and BJP is able to encash it. While some of it may be true but I as a grassroots political worker know neither of them are the reasons for BJP’s performance. Indian elections in any form , shape or nature are decided by India’s poor. And in a state like Odisha its double so, Narendra Modi with 2 schemes Demonetization and Ujjwala Scheme has been able to reach the poor directly and that got reflected in the election results. Unlimited supply of money and passive support from local BJD leaders for BJP did help, but reaching out to poor is the game changer. That is exactly the reason why in every political speech I give I never to talk about MNREGS, schemes that directly benefit the poor tend to create a connect. And MNREGS is one of the best instruments of poverty alleviation in the world in spite of rampant corruption by certain state governments, because it directly puts money in poor’s pockets which the poor can then decide to spend in whatever way they like. Instead of packaged form of subsidies like in gas connections and jan dhan accounts, where the receiver of the subsidy has no control over how they want to consume the amount.And now that we know that Modi is able to reach the poor with these 2 policies we have to create our political strategy to counter his reach.

So how do we do that. First and foremost policies which are directly benefiting the poor shouldn’t be criticized indiscriminately, the more we criticize the more we publicize the policy and the more the reach happens. Rather we should refer to it in the light of our policies and how they stack up way low against it. Instead of saying Ujwalla yojana is bad we should say how they took MNREGS money from the poors pocket and gave it to Reliance and in return are giving them some cylinders. We should tell them what will you prepare with Gas if you don’t have the food grains that you get from food security act. The ill effects of demonetization will start to show up in parameters of economy like in joblessness, we should address the jobless youth and remind them of 2 crore jobs that Modi had promised them.

Apart from the policies we should also target the weak fault lines of sangh parivar, which essentially is a collection of fanatics with very low IQ, each trying to establish its supremacy over others. Incidents like Bhadrakh and the Cow Vigilantes show that even Modi doesn’t understand that country’s poor is voting him for his pro poor grand standing like demonetization. And has mistaken polarization to be his vehicle to power, the more they do it the better for us. Because its easy to wipe off all the gains Modi has made by pro poor stands by sticking fanaticism brand to him and often the instruments that sangh pariwar depends on to create these polarization go out of control. We need only one such going out of control to kick him out of poors minds. When we can explain to the poor people who we connect that Modi is not to make you rich but is a danger to your life and your kids future, no development or Gujarat Model marketing can stand near that. Especially in Odisha sangh parivar has given us a grand opportunity to paint them into a corner with the Bhadrakh arsoning done by BJP goondas. My analysis says when Modi comes here next week he won’t say a single word of sympathy about victims of Bhadrakh arsoning by Sanghis. Naveen Patnaik is ill and worried about keeping his flock together and may not event know whats going on in Bhadrakh as his officers are now shifting allegiance towards BJP. So if we come and express grand solidarity with the people who have lost property in Bhadrakh arsoning. And use it as an instrument of example what they could do to poor peoples property. It will be advantage us. So I urge every true congresswoman and man to not think about political correctness , fair and square canvass that BJP has created violence in Bhadrakh and is planning to do so in all districts of Odisha where there is Dalit, Adibasi, Christian or Muslim population. They will find all poor people and burn their properties.