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Soldier of people daring to challenge the inabilities of a corrupt,ineffective and dull government. Challenging status quo and fighting on the streets for the interest of my people is my full time job. And in my freetime I dream of a motherland where every youth's dreams will be full filled irrespective of their caste, creed , gender and religious beliefs.

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Since non congress government has come to power at center Rs 2900 Cr has been spent on cleaning of Ganga but the various national and international studies have suggested the condition of Ganga has only got worse in this period. Because a majority of this expenditure has not been done on cleaning Ganga but only on doing events on cleaning Ganga,most of these lavish events have happened 400 kms away from Ganga river in Delhi where the majority of the attendees have not been researchers or conservationists but people belonging to a BJP party. A number of these events which have happened both in Delhi and Allahabad for cleaning Ganga have been presided by the hero of Godhra Narendra Bhai Modi. The clean Ganga project has been inaugurated about 6 times twice in at Delhi and about 4 times across UP and Bihar. If such is the commitment and model of present NDA government to clean and restore Ganga, I would assume god better save the other rivers from getting similar kind of cleaninness projects. Because while no cleaning takes place event managers make a lot of money. Now thats a reality check for the pet peeve of Narendra Modi to clean Ganga all words no real work.

I have 7 cows at my home in Jharigan and for some weird reason people who live in metros and other cities who probably never kept a cow themselves have suddenly started liking cow out of nowhere. For a typical farmer in India cow, like his fields, his trees have been a object of worship because much before Brahmanical version of Hinduism got propagated by Sankaracharya, anything which provided us food, safety and cure were worshipped. Milk was harvested from Cows and hence Cows were worshipped, trees used to give us fruits and hence trees were worshipped. Our farms used to give us food and income and hence fields were worshipped. But some stupid fanatics have subscribed to a myopic version of wahabi hinuism where cows have become the center of their belief system. According to Hindu scriptures in a treee theres a Goddess sitting on every leaf of Sal tree. But these same Goondas who have got into mainstream with impunity as cow protectors dont come out with their swords when vast acrage of forests are being cleared to give land to factories, when thousands of trees are cut down everyday to widden roads and build airports. So you see how clear is the hypocrisy. More than hypocrisy I think its kind of stupidity which surprisingly many educated people are subscribing to in the name of wahabi hinduism.

Under Modi rule there is not a single state which has shown good numbers in any of the Millenium Development Goal metrics in comparison to that of the UPA numbers led by Manmohan Singh. And theres good reason for that, across the board money has been deducted from all the welfare scheme. A poor has basic needs roti, kapda, makaan. Just on the makaan front, the Current Modi sarkar has built the less number of houses under Indira Awas Scheme than the first three years of UPA 2. 30% funds have been deducted from Sarva Sikhsya Abhiyan which was directly improving the condition of rural schools. More than 9000 Cr of MNREGS funds that poor people own to the government is not being cleared, and hence the paying capacity of villages has almost crashed. Less number of houses are being built in villages, less people are willing to pay for higher education. Modi government has completely failed on the account of poverty alleviation. Because of these things Modi is increasingly depending on symbolist of Ganga, Cow and Poor rather than showing some real stats for people to understand. So as educated citizens of this country its our duty to expose these dishonest symbolism.