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Pradeep Majhi

Soldier of people daring to challenge the inabilities of a corrupt,ineffective and dull government. Challenging status quo and fighting on the streets for the interest of my people is my full time job. And in my freetime I dream of a motherland where every youth's dreams will be full filled irrespective of their caste, creed , gender and religious beliefs.

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Governments are exploiting the neglected demographics tribal dominated place under the pretext of Naxalism, fundamentalism, radicalism and many more. Most of the Indian never know about the real picture of such place, whose tears wets the barren terrain, and why? Are not they Indian? Do they not deserve a good dignified living? Why they are torturing, killing innocents?

Naveen Killed Adivasi

Jay Majhi (50), a ward member of Jugasaipatna gram panchayat, Harishankar Naik of Uppar Panchkula village and Shukru Majhi of Nishanguda village were living a good life. Forest was a faithful companion to the natives. They ran wild, caught fishes by the river, fetches flowers, fragrances of air were awesome and heavenly, and cuckoos were singing. Moreover, they lived with peace. Than a tragic day came, in a cruel sleight of hand, in the name of Maoists were shot dead and two minor boys injured by anti-Maoist police force Special Opertion Group in a reserve forest in Kalahandi district, Odisha, while on that time they were out in the forest to herd goats. Government snatched away their right to livelihood and dignity, once again. Government are showing evil strength to relocate them. If someone like me, want to leading the agitation at front, than called me as anti-developmental, anti-national, racist activist and so on. State government “Mr. Naveen” did not even go for judicial probe on this issue, it shows his step-motherly attitude towards indigenous people ‘ Adivasi’. Shame on our chief minister who don’t know anything about state and its people. He lives in Bhubaneswar, where people run miles in the morning to reduce fat of the bodies, while also tribals ran miles in the morning in pursuit of square meal a day. The reality is that supplying rice at Re 1 is not enough and what about other things prices ? Is killing the innocents without knowing the fact a solution? Naxalism is a long “politico-military-socio-economic-psychological war”. Hit and run policies does not work. Chief Minister who has also occupied the home department should introspect the real situation by coming out from “Naveen Niwas” to “Grass root level”. By sending elite forces, burned down villages and killed innocent civilians, government could not stamp us out the long standing problem. My only request to CM Naveen, please does not turn to hostile to the most tranquil, peaceful place in India. This BJD government essentially does not believe in tribal empowerment. They only want to harvest vote souls for power in hands. When I attempted to draw attention to this deeply worrying source of tribal discontent, government called “half-Maoists. This is their Hitlerite conception of democracy.