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Pradeep Majhi

Soldier of people daring to challenge the inabilities of a corrupt,ineffective and dull government. Challenging status quo and fighting on the streets for the interest of my people is my full time job. And in my freetime I dream of a motherland where every youth's dreams will be full filled irrespective of their caste, creed , gender and religious beliefs.

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About Pradeep Majhi

I was studying law in Delhi when I got involved in highlighting the Malnutrition deaths of children in Nabarangpur district in 2002. I had gone back to my district. Before joining in active politics I had established an organisation named as Garib Sena whose soul aim was to expose the corruption in terms of all benefits which are meant for common deprived people at the village level. During that period I conducted massive agitation in Gram Panchayat levels and Block levels on mismanagement of welfare schemes which were meant for rural people like rice and Kerosene. I lived an entire life in one of India’s most backward districts and in a one of India’s most backward states. I have a dream of working for my people and leave the place I was born to a little better than the one I was born to. I want my motherland Odisha to be the one where every youth’s dreams are fulfilled and everybody eats enough to have sound sleep at night in a secure home that keeps them dry in the monsoon, cool in summers and warm during winters.